Own your health and fitness New Years resolution

Each new year most of us think of the things we would like to change and the goals we want to achieve and the list can go on, however only about 8% of us will keep to them or achieve these resolutions.
Last year I decided I wasn’t going to be part of the 92% that fails so instead I decided I was going to start these changes at the end of 2013. This way I avoid them being the failed New Years resolutions.

At the end of 2013 towards Christmas , I drew up a health and fitness plan. I started running just before Christmas and my aim was to challenge myself to run quicker and
longer than what I had started instead of making that a New Years resolution. For the first time it worked for me. I achieved what I didn’t think I could ever achieve and I would say 2014 was by far the best health and fitness journey to date.

New Years resolutions are not bad at all however I discovered working to challenge what I already can work on the most fun way and best way to remain focused.

It wasn’t easy at times but we all have an inner strength and power that we don’t know exists until we keep searching for it and find it.
Learning to focus on my personal motivational challenges is what got me through a 6 day workout each week and if I can do it so can you.
I am not saying it will be easy and at times it can be challenging, especially fitting fitness routine into our days, but I believe we all have 30mins we can spare in our day to make fitness a priority if we really want it.

We all have our ambitious plans at the beginning of each year whether fitness or other goals. Most of these goals are what society sets and we tend to forget or lose focus on what we really want to achieve on a personal level. Until we learn to work on ourselves as individuals and stop comparing or doing something because the next person is doing it, then we will easily achieve and own our resolutions.

Again this year I am not working on any resolutions but instead ended 2014 with a 9.5 km run and I’m hoping to improve on that as my challenge for 2015. I am working on my personal goals that I know I have control over and therefore are easier to commit to.

This year try working on what you want to do better than last year. Challenge yourself and hopefully things will fall into place.

Wishing you a happy new year.

image courtesy of google search

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