Ok, it’s been a while and I have been super busy lately as I am on a job hunt and sorting nursery out for my toddler so I haven’t kept up to my writing.

A couple of years ago I went on a Paleo diet but it wasn’t for long because I completely restricted myself which wasn’t for me, however I have decided to try the diet again but this time around I have become a 90% paleo dieter which means every now and again I can allow myself a treat “life is too short hey”, and we are living in a modern world in which wherever we turn, we have the modern diet around us unlike the ancestral diet, which can prove difficult at times when restricting yourself completely.

A paleo dieter aims to banish grains , legumes and dairy which is the primitive diet also known as Palaeolithic diet, resembling the eating habits of primitive humans. I have managed to do this however I do have a little bit of this and that from time to time especially when I am away from home.

A couple of years ago I discovered a book called The Primal blueprint by Mark Sisson, the book caught my eye as it was talking about eating more fats and ditching grains, making workouts slower or shorter instead of hour long gym sessions. This was exactly what I needed, I have always found wheat very bloating and as a busy mum the gym was no option so at last I had finally found a solution to what seemed to be an excuse of mine regarding the time for gym, it meant I could squeeze in a workout in my day which was no more that 30 minutes.

So far since January, I am doing really well on the diet. I have had a few treats but not excessively and have still kept my workouts to 5-6 days a week for no more than 30mins and concentrating and emphasising on explosive movements working on the body as a whole such as strength training.

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