Running a mile a day – Day 9…

  • 9 days into my running and I have had to realise that not all runs will be easy runs.

Running in the cold weather with Asthma is tough.. So you have to adjust your run to suit you!

The last few days have been rather cold and running can be the worst exercise to triggering asthma particularly around this time of the year. I am not letting that stop me from achieving my mile a day challenge as I am learning to find ways around it.

Be prepared!

A warm glass of water before i go out there has helped to get my body warm.
Investing in a good beanie hat, gloves for comfort, warm running leggings, a good base running top made of thermal material is always a bonus and if you get really hot they are breathable light fabrics out there.
I find heavy clothes hard on my runs as it makes breathing difficult so it is important to choose the right running gear for yourself.

Pace yourself!

With time I have found that I can cover 10km without stopping, however I also trying to adopt interval running so I can utilise the recovery sessions to avoid inducing my asthma. At the recovery sessions of my interval running i can give my lungs a break and time to recover “focusing on deep, slower breathing to lower my heart rate” and in my longer runs I aim to focus on the distance rather than the pace.

We all need to adjust our running according to our individual needs rather than competing with the next person.
I am learning to make exercise easier for myself to keep fit and healthy.
The benefits of running or keeping fit outweigh the precautions, and exercise has definitely strengthened my respiratory muscles.

Don’t look for excuses! Get out there and run! Or even walk… You will surprise yourself with how good it will make you feel!

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