Running a mile a day – Day 22

It has been 3 weeks since I started a running a mile a day. The other day I was having a conversation with a lovely friend, who also happens to be a mummy and thanks to her, I was inspired to write this post. In our conversation we talked about.

1. Me time
2. Finding balance
3. Losing your identity


Me Time

As mummies, it can never be easy to find me time, however we need to remember we are an individual person other than mum and we must remember our needs. Do not make yourself feel guilty or feel selfish for taking time out of the day for exercise.
I love running as I find it is one exercise that doesn’t need too much planning except from getting my gear out and go. All I need is a bit of motivation.
I find running is a great time to have a mental alone thinking time. Time to clear my head at times, especially if I have had a tough day. I prefer to go out for a run first thing in the morning, as this gives me a good positive start of my day.
I have found that being a full time stay at home mother challenging at times. As much as I adore my toddler, it can be lonely, isolating and you don’t have space most of the time. I realised that it was important for me to spare myself a “me time” , and for me this was to go out and have 30 minutes outdoors to myself without any disruption from my lovely toddler. You don’t have to be a great runner, you can run, jog and walk it at times. It’s all about taking time out to do something that will give you time to appreciate yourself as a mother, and it also makes you feel good later on.

Finding a balance

I know it’s not easy to get “me time” and it can be a struggle to balance everything from looking after your little ones, hubby, home or pets.
We have to find what works for us as individuals. I found that the best way to include a workout or run in my day was to do it first thing in the morning as mentioned previously however, it’s not the right way for everyone. If you are not an early riser like me, it is possible to find a way to workout involving your little ones. I gave my little boy my lightest Dumbbells, he gets excited every time I bring them out for him to do a workout with me. Not the easiest and relaxing workouts, as you will have so many breaks in between but it’s better than nothing.
For those of you who are lucky to have nappers, then this is your best opportunity.
My little one stopped napping at 2 so I had to learn to work around him however, if I don’t need the stress and want to enjoy a relaxing workout, I head out for a run as soon as I am up to get back before hubby jumps in the shower for work. This gives me that alone time. All I have is me and I don’t have to worry about anything or anyone for 30 minutes at least.
The best thing of doing a workout first thing in the morning is also that you are fresh and less likely to give yourself an excuse because the brain hasn’t registered too much by now. Try it, you probably will agree.

Losing your identity

If one day you look in the mirror and do not recognise yourself, then that’s the day you need to do something about it because if you loose your identity, you can become depressed, unhappy and you cannot be the mum you want to be or need to be.
It’s sometimes easy to forget that you were once your own person before children. You can’t even look in the mirror because you have become immersed in motherhood.
Loving your children is not a bad thing, however we must not loose our identity in the process.

It is never going to be easy to get yourself into finding your “me time” for anything or even exercise, it takes time and discipline to get yourself set in this way. You will have good days and bad days, perseverance is the key. Always remember it will benefit you and your children and not the next person and never compare yourself to the next person along the way.

Hope this helps you all

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