Running a mile a day- Day 46

imageDay 46 and I haven’t run for the last 5 days, I would have loved to go out running today to end my year how I like it, however sometimes rest is needed for recovery especially when one hurts her foot whilst speaking on the phone, “going down the stairs ” ouch.

One of the most often neglected aspects of exercise, especially for us runners is becoming obsessed with pushing harder each day, and ignoring the recovery process.


I have been lucky enough to never have sustained a running injury, unfortunately the staircase did the job for me. My left foot has been a little sore since tripping down a few stairs a few weeks ago and ignored the pain. I felt it the most on Boxing Day after my run and that was a good enough reason to have a break from my Mile a day running.


Running is my sport of passion as it is easy to quickly get my running gear on and go out there, without too much thought to it. While running injuries are unfortunate and too common, injury can also occur even when not running. Ignoring the pain is what can cause the problem. Understanding any injury is the key to healing. When you notice any pain is getting worse with any activity, it’s time to rest as healing can only improve with rest. Rest is very important, as continued stress on the affected area or bone can lead to more serious injury.


Many injuries occur as a result of inadequate stretching. Before and after you run, stretch your muscles thoroughly (especially your calf, hamstrings, groin, and quadriceps)

While running is good for you in many ways, it does put stress on your body , especially the lower limbs and joints. Look for specific stretches for runners on the Internet.

“YouTube is good for these if you are lost for ideas”. You should also include some general overall stretches for the whole body including strength training which is beneficial for us runners.

Below is a link to a lovely article on strength training exercises for runners.


I will now confess, I decided to buy myself a pair of running shoes from a store I won’t be mentioning here. The guy in the store was adamant these were good running shoes but I should have known better. I always get a tailored running pair of shoes from a running shoe store specialist, the reason I probably never developed any problems in the past. These lovely, pretty looking trainers have not helped at all as they were not adequately cushioned and had not enough support.
I stress to you all to always wear proper fitting socks and shoes with good support. If the soles of your running shoes have worn thin or are angled, it’s time to get a new pair. If you have foot problems, such as flat feet or high arches, consider using orthotic shoe inserts.

Last but not least slowly return to running after any injury. I hope I can manage with this one as I love getting a bit carried away.

I wish you all a happy new running year 😉




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