Are we really what we eat?

The other day a friend posted on Facebook about how a few people have asked her if she was expecting another baby?. She went on to mention how she has had 2 babies and it was normal for her body to have experienced changes and that her body would never be the same again so people should realise that.

This is actually one of those awkward situations some of us women experience or have experienced after having babies and some of these other times it is purely due to bloating.

Unfortunately this friend was right, the body will never be the same again after a baby or babies and I can sort of relate with my friend on this one on so many levels.

Women’s body change a lot after pregnancy, we experience changes to our stomachs, breasts, we get skin discolouration, incontinence, Back pain, changes in energy levels and the list can go on.

It takes time for the body “our weight”, especially stomach to fully recover from pregnancy.

We all have that friend or two who regained their pre- pregnancy body within a month or two after giving birth. This is possible but it doesn’t happen for most of us unfortunately. Some women will never have the same shape as before and some will find it difficult to return to pre-pregnancy weight and shape.

In my own personal experience my stomach was an issue after having my son, I have learnt to accept it will never be the same. Although I get a flat tummy, I still have squishy skin.

I remind myself that at 5ft, small petite frame, I managed to carry a 9lbs 2oz, “4.13kg” baby, and I was pregnant for 9 months.
The average newborn weighs 7lb 8oz, “3.4kg.

Of course my body will never be the same again after that, neither will yours. Our bodies are also different so we shouldn’t compare and make other mums feel less good about their bodies. Our stomachs stretch differently, and muscles heal differently especially for those that had a c- section.

We need to remember that it takes a lot of motivation and hard work to get back that body we once had. Patience is always Important but the key is eating healthily, combined with exercise which will get you back in shape in no time.

1. Exercise

You can get your body especially the stomach back to where you feel confident in by working those abdominals from the inner to outer muscles.
Instead of concentrating on doing just those crunches”as they only work the front of the abs” , include full body workouts and exercises that target every muscle of your midsection. Include all muscle groups in your workouts. I love workouts that include Dumbbells or kettle bells for strength training.

Strength training is the key to a flat stomach. You need to do more than just crunches and sit-ups to get the flat stomach that you’re looking for. You need to focus on different strength training techniques to help you get the best results.

Squats, Deadlifts, Pelvic tilts and bridges are all part of the exercises you should be including in your routine.
2. Diet

They say you are what you eat, if you are eating too much rubbish, consuming too many calories and not burning them then I am afraid your stomach will remain bulging.
I know this one is true because, the last 5 months my nutrition has been poor. My doctor suggested I ate everything she wanted to test coeliac as I was having issues with bloating, patches of rash around my elbows and stomach , neck areas. It turned out i am not coeliac however due to an allergy prone body, she suggested it was eczema. I know my problem is gluten, every time I eat pasta, rice etc , I grow a belly. I easily look a few months pregnant.
That’s why it is important to know our bodies, eliminate foods from your diet that don’t do your stomach or body justice.

It is true that diet and exercise are important to how you look. I was still working out these past months , although I skipped two months but in this time, my body hasn’t changed for the better because my diet was poor. Exercising does not override a poor diet.
Clean up your diet and with exercise, you will get that body you dream of. Create a diet and exercise plan that suits your lifestyle to avoid potential pitfalls.

Remember that just because someone else lives on smoothies and salads all day, it doesn’t mean this will work for you. Work on what will sustain you in order for it to become a lifestyle.



Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and in no way am I trying to suggest this will work for everyone. By reading and considering my suggestions, please remember that I only share what I think works best for me through my experiences, collection of information or knowledge from the Internet and from friends and family.


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