You are what you eat !What 9 days difference can make to the body with the right foods.

You are what you eat

” Because we are what we eat, we can literally transform our bodies and minds by choosing an inspiring diet” -Mike Adams

At the beginning of the year, I felt so bloated as I do from time to time. I must have mentioned in my last post about having had a coeliac test at the end of last summer due to the excessive bloating I had been experiencing and the patchy rash on my skin. The doctor in the end suggested I may have an over sensitive stomach caused by Irritable bowel Syndrome and eczema.

Anyways the IBS causes all sorts of symptoms and bloating is one of them. Bloating is the most uncomfortable feeling for us women, especially when it makes you feel like you are pregnant or have gained extra pounds. It’s when your jeans start to feel tight at the waist overnight without experiencing any sort of weight gain. This is especially annoying when you are doing all you can with exercise but your midsection doesn’t appear so.
If you are like me who suffers from bloating, go see your doctor to rule things out before stressing yourself about your midsection.
I used to stress a lot about my stomach until I found that I had IBS.
IBS is a common condition where the gut doesn’t function properly. I found that my stomach was always bloated regardless of all the exercise I was doing. I found this was most obvious in the evenings or after certain foods, mostly starchy or grainy food such as pasta, rice, cereals and bread.

What causes bloating?

Bloating can be caused by irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence, coeliac disease, hormonal fluctuations or many other causes.
Our genes play a part to how easily our gut is affected; how our bodies gain weight or how our body stores fat around the midsection, however eating a healthy diet; avoiding unhealthy habits; cutting out certain foods and staying active can prevent the genetic predisposition.

How I Manage my IBS symptoms

1. I am taking probiotic supplements at the moment called Probiotic Complex by Nu U Nutrition, purchased on Amazon.

2. I also drink a bottle of Actimel yoghurt daily – which are usually on offer in most supermarkets.

3. The main one has been cutting out certain foods this last week, mainly grains. This has actually helped me massively as my stomach has shrunk in size within a week of cutting out these certain foods such as rice, pasta, potatoes and eating more protein and less carbohydrates.

4. Keeping active and drinking lots of water also helps flush out toxins from the body system. I have found that exercise does promote a regular movement in my bowels “I know seems gross but we shouldn’t shy from this “,  which trust me keeps the tummy looking so much better.

I actually believe we are what we eat. Try eliminating a few foods from your diet that you feel cause you bloating and see the results.



Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and in no way am I trying to suggest this will work for everyone. By reading and considering my suggestions, please remember that I only share what I think works best for me through my experiences, collection of information or knowledge from the Internet and from friends and family.


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