Improve your appearance with good posture

Improve your appearance with good posture

Most of us forget about posture when trying to improve our appearance. Great posture can actually make us appear slimmer, taller and even confident and therefore improving our overall appearance.

Lately I have gone back to basics with my workouts and working on my posture.
Great posture can be achieved by practicing the correct posture all the time. Below is an article you may find helpful on practicing good posture.
Good posture can also be achieved by incorporating strength training exercises, core workouts and stretching in our exercise routines.

Strength training

Weightlifting can strengthen bones as they respond to the demands placed upon them. It is important to combine strength training exercise regularly in order to maintain a healthy bone mass and also build muscle and stay in good shape, which can also help slowing down the bone loss associated with getting older.

Core muscles

Training your core muscle is also an important part in our exercise routine as balance and posture are very dependent on the strength of your core muscles. The core determined to a large part of a persons posture. Try and include core workouts in your routine including Planks, pilates and yoga which are great workouts that help target the core muscle groups.
We can sometimes favour a specific muscle group over the other during our workouts, this can cause muscle tone imbalance. We should however try and exercise our opposing muscle groups during our workouts “agonist and antagonist” to achieve proper balance.

Swimming and rowing can also help strengthen the back helping achieve good posture.

Stretching should never be forgotten as this can also produce good results and be beneficial in improving our posture.
Poor posture can easily be reversed and corrected with daily stretching because stretching strengthens your muscles and can also encourage proper or neutral alignment of the body and reducing slouchiness.


Always remember to practice safe techniques during your workouts to prevent injury.

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