Finding the time!

Finding the time

It’s been a very busy few weeks for me and I have only just managed to squeeze in some workouts.
I always try to make time for my workouts and try and get at least 5-6 workouts in the week but these few weeks, 24hrs a day just didn’t seem long enough and rather than stress about I have decided that sometimes I need to let life just happen and it’s ok, it’s not the end of the world. I am definitely not saying that this should be our daily mindset and I wouldn’t leave it too long between workouts as this can also backfire. I tend to find that if I leave big gaps between my workouts then this sets me right back. I find it hard to pick up from where i stopped and find it very hard to motivate myself again. This can also cause me to eat all sorts of rubbish food and my energy levels drop and it can take my a good while to get back in the swing of things therefore I am always learning ways to find the time.

It is so true when they say try and get your workout out in first thing in the morning. I always find that if I just get up and get my workout done then it is all out of the way and I haven’t got that debate in my head that is constantly thinking “should I or should I not” ..
I know it’s not always easy especially if you are working or have other commitments but this one is especially for you stay at home mums. Get it in and you will be surprised how quickly this becomes more of a routine than a chore.

If you do school runs and it’s not too far to go, this is your opportunity to get your running gear on. Walk kids to school and go for a nice run after the school drop. You get that exercise into your day without too much effort and thought. If you have a baby then you could invest in a jogging stroller, the baby gets some nice fresh air while you get your lovely figure back.

I always motivate myself by telling myself to find a quick high intensive 10 mins workout and it always turns out to be an enjoyable 30 mins session. I can surely guarantee you that if you push yourself to just do 7 mins, you will end up doing at least double the time or more. After all, there is scientific evidence that a 7 mins high intensity workout can give you the same benefits as a prolonged endurance exercise.

Cut back on social media, that 30 mins spent on Facebook could get you a nice effective workout or maybe motivate yourself by visiting a health and fitness page instead. You will be surprised how one little look at something motivating like healthy food or someone performing exercise can motivate and encourage you. Well it works for me, I suggest you try it too.

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