5 Tips to help you lose that baby weight!

It’s been a long time!

Ok so I disappeared for a while as I needed to take some time away for good reasons, one of them being “growing a baby” and she arrived in October last year.

I am a mummy of 2 now which means time for exercise is even more import for my sanity, those of you who have children will agree with me here. As this is the only me time we can give ourselves, and get that feel good factor which comes with exercising. This goes along with healthy eating, especially those of you who choose breastfeeding as a feeding option for those little ones. The combination of healthy eating and any little exercise, will definitely help you reduce that weight gained during pregnancy. Now this means making that time available somehow, so that you are planning your meals and also getting that exercise done. Whether it’s taking the baby out for a walk, or getting the husband to watch the babies whilst you go out for a quick jog. All of that requires good time management, something I am not always good at but learning to prioritise is the best thing you can do.
I definitely understand how hard it can be to make time for exercise and making healthy meals, however I have here 5 tips to get you motivated to exercise and eat healthier so you can lose the excess weight piled during pregnancy.

1. Keep drinking that water
The best thing I have ever invested in is a marked water bottle, this keeps me aware of my water intake so I can achieve the recommended amount. This should ideally be about 1.2-1.5 litres (approximately 6-8 glasses) of water a day (remember some of which is obtained from the food and other drinks we consume such as coffee/ tea). For weight loss purposes I recommend sticking to water and other alternative healthy drinks, than fizzy drinks full of sugars or artificial sweeteners that are high in calories.
Water not only aids weight loss but it will boost your energy from those sleepless nights if you are a mummy, and make you more alert and also feel healthier by making your skin glow.
2. Plan your meals in advance for the week or bulk cook, so you always have something healthy in the fridge or healthy snacks in the cupboards. Try swapping biscuits or sweets for popcorn, fruit, cheese, raisins, raw snack bars , carrots or celery. Learn to cook wisely by grilling or baking food it in the oven, instead of always frying them. Planning meals will also mean you have leftovers to have at hand during lunch times, which will save you from reaching out for unhealthy options. This will also save your pennies as you can look out for supermarket special offers online, making you buy what you actually need in terms of ingredients and avoid wastage.
3. Make that time for exercise somewhere, by perhaps sacrificing half an hour of your day. I find that cutting back on my phone time browsing on Facebook or Instagram for example, gives me a good opportunity to get that workout done. I also find that sometimes it’s quick and effective to find a workout on YouTube, than trying to plan a half an hour session on your own especially with a baby or children around. One thing that works for me is doing my workout straight after my school run in the morning, purely because 70% of the time baby might be asleep in the car seat and i just quickly get in and do whatever workout I can. Even if it is 10 minutes of a workout you can get done, remember that this it better than nothing as it all adds up.
4. Learn to incorporate your workout whilst bonding with the baby or children. Make the workouts fun and still effective, a good example is performing plank whilst baby is having tummy time. Doing squats whilst baby wearing, there’s always a way round it.
5. Finally Instead of dressing up in jeans or uncomfortable clothing in the mornings, try and wear your work out gear on the days you want to work out as this will motivate you to perform that workout. This actually works for me and I know it may not always work for everyone, however you have to try it out before giving up.

Remember little progress is better than none and yes It’s not always easy, but it can be squeezed in there somehow and you can achieve that weight loss or just fitness.



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