Getting back into shape postpartum?

Getting back into shape postpartum?

1. They say you need Motivation right! , “but where the heck do you get this from, when you have sleepless nights, housework and the lot? “
2. Water for hydration right!, “What if you just don’t fancy drinking that water, but prefer that coffee instead to keep you awake in the day and be a good mum”
3. Good support/sports bra and exercise gear right “yet these bras and exercise gears don’t come cheap”
4. Making healthy food choices right “what if you just can’t be bothered to make healthy food choices, because doughnuts /cookies seem to be more comforting and convenient

Just remember there isn’t a right time frame to get into good shape, and get your postpartum fit body back. We all are different, have different life experiences and situations. We can’t let mainstream ideas and attitudes, leave little room for our own personal version of things. Whatever is comfortable or normal for you is good enough so value that, because there isn’t right or wrong , perfect or imperfect. You will get there and achieve success with your fitness journey, whenever you feel ready to start. Don’t let the stereotypes or pressure of someone else, social media make you feel crap about your own postpartum body. Have power over and own your own individual postpartum journey, because it is unique to you and one day you will get to where you want to be. Your main motivation will come from within, so learn to influence yourself to make a better version of YOU.

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