Is the timing of your exercise stopping you from achieving your weight loss or fitness resolution goals ?

It’s the end of January and a lot of us started off really well with our weight loss and fitness goals at the beginning of the new year, however we probably are failing to keep up with that same motivation we started off with.
The solution for this could be as simple as finding the best time to do that workout. Ok I am a stay at home mummy, yes you could say I have all day between baby having little naps to squeeze in my workout. The honest truth is whilst I have all morning- early afternoon before picking my son up from school, I have all the other boring things to do in between, such as laundry, a quick tidy up, a part time fitness sports and coaching degree course I started end of 2016 to expand my personal training knowledge. Let’s not forget giving my baby all the attention she needs. We are not going to go into all the other details or my excuses about this, however what I am trying to say here is finding the right time to exercise is the best thing I have ever done.
If it means working up half an hour before everyone else, then sometimes we just need to do exactly that.
I find doing my exercise in the mornings after the school run works as it gives me the will power to get it done, so the best tip I could give if you are a stay at home mum like me is to avoid planning anything between 9-10 on the days you want to get your workout in. This should give you a chance to squeeze in a little 20-30 minutes workout, before getting side tracked with all other things that can get in the way. I am not saying this is the time that will work for us all , I know it can be impossible to exercise if baby is clingy for example and some people are more motivated in the evenings etc. Find the best time that suits you and learn to be consistent with it, this way you form a pattern. There isn’t a right time or a wrong time to exercise as any little exercise is beneficial to our health, however our bodies and mind work to their optimal at certain times of the day as suggested by Ben Bulach a training specialist from Ben has suggested that to achieve the most results in terms of weight loss, then the timing is crucial as morning exercise can kick start our metabolism. For those of us that find it difficult to squeeze a workout in the morning but find it easier in the evenings, Ben has suggested that we have to be careful with the type of exercise we do, as something like weightlifting can be stimulating before bed and disturb our sleep, whereas in cardio can be ok as this can send us off to sleep.


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